day 26 – young orchids


foolish girl…I purchased these to sell at fund raisers for the bunnies, but because they aren’t flowering yet, nobody wants them!  I’m ready to part with them to loving homes with bright INDIRECT light.  Easy care, just give them the right lighting and temp and they’ll eventually reward you with blooms that will last a nice long time.


Day 25 – tomato plants


I have too many tomato plants in my garden and can’t bring myself to throw them away!  If you have a patch to plant them in or a big pot for your deck, then please give a plant a home!  Not sure what variety we have here, but my guess would be cherry because I plant lots of cherry tomatoes every year, and these ones are growing up from last years seeds.  1-2 feet tall, please come armed with a container or plastic bag to take them away in.

Day 24 – art deco #2 (gone!)


WOW…this is definitely someones lucky day.  This wooden ship is the focal point of the back of my house…drawing pointing fingers and jeers from friends of all walks of life, this baby is sure to be a show stopper on the back of your house too!  Get it while it’s hot!

Day 23 – art deco

art deco at it’s finest, this lovely work of plastic and mirrors will sparkle and twirl in your breezy open window…and it’s purple!

Day 22 – some fake leafy stuff



Day 21 – hardware cloth

Behold, I bring to you gifts of hardware cloth, stakes and zip ties.  It’s an art medium to rival all others.  Just try to mold this stuff into a bust of your mother…if you can, you’re amazing.  Or if you’re not artistically inclined, maybe you could use it for what it’s made for…fencing or some junk…

day 20 – ugly dress (gone!)


Anyone have any use for the worlds ugliest dress?  It’s warm.

day 19 – pink coat (gone!)


I love the long sleaves on this coat, but I need pockets, and it has none…why???

day 18 – Black dress (gone!)


Sorry the picture sucks but don’t feel like doing it over again.  So many pictures to get just the right one…it’s exhausting!  Anyway, it’s a dress.  Size 14 although i’m a 7 and I don’t swim in it.  Probably could use a trip to the dry cleaner or a tumble in the wash and iron if you trust yourself to do it.  Would make a cute prom dress either how it is or if spiffyed up with some sparkly things.

day 17 – pink purse (gone!)

pink purse

purse #2 – it’s pink, it’s cute, it’s even a little shiney:)

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