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day 20 – ugly dress (gone!)


Anyone have any use for the worlds ugliest dress?  It’s warm.


day 19 – pink coat (gone!)


I love the long sleaves on this coat, but I need pockets, and it has none…why???

day 18 – Black dress (gone!)


Sorry the picture sucks but don’t feel like doing it over again.  So many pictures to get just the right one…it’s exhausting!  Anyway, it’s a dress.  Size 14 although i’m a 7 and I don’t swim in it.  Probably could use a trip to the dry cleaner or a tumble in the wash and iron if you trust yourself to do it.  Would make a cute prom dress either how it is or if spiffyed up with some sparkly things.

day 17 – pink purse (gone!)

pink purse

purse #2 – it’s pink, it’s cute, it’s even a little shiney:)

day 16 – beaded decoration

I hung it over a window.  I imagine the possibilities are endless

day 15 – random stuff


here’s a shiney funky wallet, a hand held sewing thingy, a little basket, and a plastic container with bunnies on it

day 14 – books

books1 books2 books3 books4

Here’s one small book collection that I’ve gathered so far.  Two Erma Bombecks…I’ve always loved her and have a couple more of her books kickin around somewhere for another day.  One of them was attacked by a bunny, but pretty much just the cover was trashed.  There are a few poetry books, and some others works of fiction and self help.   A couple of short story collections.  The lottery is especially disturbing…a collection of short, unhappy stories that are a bit on the wierd side…most with strange endings.  Good reading.

day 13 – digital camera (gone!)


I have no idea what this camera is like…I’m in love with my cannon so I never used it.

day 11 – platter with tulips (maybe gone)

tulip platter

Can’t say I ever saw myself giving this up cuz I love tulips, but I don’t think I’ve ever used it.  It’s been collecting dust on my fridge for about 10 years or so, so you’ll need to clean it up if I don’t get to it.

day 10 – food processor

food processor

Just the basics, works great for smaller jobs.

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